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Black Dog Barking


Black Dog Barking
  1. Ready To Rock

  2. Amimalize

  3. No One Fits Me (Better Than You)

  4. Back In The Game

  5. Firepower

  6. Live It Up

  7. Woman Like That

  8. Hungry

  9. Cradle To the Grave

  10. Black Dog Barking

RELEASE DATE: 21 May, 2013 / TRACKS: 10
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Release date: 
21 May, 2013
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Leo Tiseira's picture

Yeah Airbourne! come on to Argentina!

Susan's picture

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Susan's picture

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vanner's picture

First heard your single "No One Fits Me' on the radio and had to get the album. Played it loud and proud on the way home. You guys ROCK! I grew up with KISS, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, and others. Am going to find your first album and looking forward to seeing you guys on tour.

ZGROMILAN's picture

I have no hard, intense or great enough words for your music. It is so energetic, so lively, authentic, yet so fucking original ROCK! Your band is a young one, but when comparing AC/DC, Van Halen, White Snake with you, there is no possibility that you can be ashamed. I am grateful that I live in the same period of mankind with you to hear your music! I still recall great moments from your concert in Novi Sad and hope you will come again soon.

SqueakySmit's picture

keep it going boys!! oh and come back to Edmonton! was there and watched/listened/cheered/screamed... whatever I could - I had trouble screaming for All That Remains after you guys left!!!!!

Sara_S's picture

Great album!! Looking forward to see you in Gothenburg!

Blake's picture

Got the album before seeing the Sydney show , great to hear real rock and roll again, and what a great stage presence they all have , really looks like they are loving what they are doing , so many bands on stage seem to be just going threw the motions but not Airbourne (my new favorite band) ,Rob

Dommage_Collateral's picture

The new best band of this century!!
The new remake of AC/DC , the best of ever , likeeee !

Angus Young's picture

This is hands down the best album of 2013!!! I love this album,everyday I sit on my computer this album Black Dog Barking is what I put on to get me pumped up :) So make another album just as amzing as this fella here. Also can't wait to c ya in California \m/ Rock on

~Angus Y.

oceancaribou's picture

Vous m'avez tué les gars !! Vous avez mis le feu au garorock !! Merci pour mes oreilles !!
Dommage que vous n'ayez pu jouer plus longtemps.
Passer boire un coup chez moi quand vous voulez dans les Landes !!
Rock'n roll !!!!!!!!!!

Wernersen's picture

I tried to download Black Dog Barking as MP3 from your site with download code from the Vinyl Version of this record. But this didn't work. Why?
Your Music is very good and I like this very much. Keep on Rocking!

Rock4Ever's picture

I have been listening heavy metal and hard rock five decades already. You guys are the best metal group of 21st century! You will remain in rock history with great success! I love all your songs in all albums, the new one is best of the best! Keep rocking!!!

Raptomex's picture

Best album to date. Back in the Game is really kickass.

Rebel's picture

2 awesome albums in a row. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scarredforlife67's picture

F&%k me!!!!!! What an album!!!!!

donaldwal's picture

Lovin this new album boys. No mellow s**t just real hard rock & roll. Keep them comin!

Deanorocks's picture

See you in Edmonton boys! Rock N F**kin Roll !

blackjack21's picture

I must say...after the first listen, this is your best effort yet! Each of your first two releases were leading up to this. This just kicks ass from start to finish! From Ready to Rock to the final track it is just 110% pure ass kicking rock-n-roll. This sets the mark for other bands to try and reach. Loved seeing you in Grand Rapids, MI at the Intersection and look forward to getting another chance to see you live again!!!!

gorgestev08's picture

I love Black Dog Barking! I hear it all the time while hitting the gym. It's got a catchy tune and really pumps me up. This song lets me get into the zone before doing a challenging task. I am yet to hear the rest of the songs, but I surely will, as soon as I get the time.

Bee Remick's picture

The band will kick off the tour in 640-692 dumpsdeal their home town of Warrnambool, before heading to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney before they take the stage at Splendour in the Grass.