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No Guts. No Glory.


No Guts. No Glory.
  1. Born to Kill

  2. No Way But the Hard Way

  3. Blonde, Bad and Beautiful

  4. Raise the Flag

  5. Bottom of the Well

  6. White Line Fever

  7. It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

  8. Steel Town

  9. Chewin’ the Fat

  10. Get Busy Livin’

  11. Armed and Dangerous

  12. Overdrive

  13. Back On the Bottle

  14. Bonus Track: Loaded Gun

  15. Bonus Track: My Dynamite Will Blow You Sky High [And Get Ya Moanin' After Midnight]

  16. Bonus Track: Rattle Your Bones

RELEASE DATE: 20 April, 2010 / TRACKS: 13
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20 April, 2010
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Angus Young's picture

Chewin the Fat kicks Ass!!!! hard too ;) This is a geat album alot of positive vibe on it. You really can't get that on albums today!!! Great work

~Angus Y.

ricco coonskinner's picture

All I can say is...Do not miss an op to see Airbourne live...saw them 4-19-2013 in Grand Rapids Michigan USA...great stage presence, hard driving rock and entertainment...Wow, totally blown away here.

Jangor's picture

AWESOME!!! This album runs up and down my mobile phone's mp3-player all the time in the school breaks. It makes me and my mates bang our heads!

Bee Remick's picture

I must say...after the first listen, this is your best effort yet! Each of your first two releases were leading up to this. This just kicks ass from start to finish! From Ready to Rock to the final track it is just 110% pure ass kicking rock-n-roll. This cheatdumps sets the mark for other bands to try dumps and reach. Loved seeing you in Grand Rapids, MI at the Intersection and look forward to dumps getting another chance to see you live again!!!!